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Judy Candis is the mother of two daughters, Amelia (KIKI) and Trenier (TIFFY). A native of Detroit, Michigan, Judy now makes her home in Tampa, Florida.

While a youth in the Motor City, Judy wrote her first poem "Snow" in an elementary school writing contest. She was awarded first place and her poem published in the school newsletter. She was rarely seen after this without pen and paper.

Throughout her formative school years, Judy wrote for the school paper and excelled in English, traveling with the notorious "Miss Berry", the high school's matriarch of fear, to writing conferences and contests.

Immediately following high school, Judy attended Florida A&M University. Four years later, she graduated with a B.S. degree in Black Studies wearing both the crown for MISS FAMU, campus queen, and MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI. Though she was promoted to Editor for the school year book, lack of funding forfeited that post

During her college years, she was one of three vocal headliners before becoming lead singer for The Monterey's and traveled extensively around the country. Always writing, Judy began the initial work on several novels and kept an active journal.

While on the road, Judy wrote the monthly commentary for People For Peace Sake magazine and a continuing drama about two young women facing the problems motherhood and personal relationships. Through these writings, Judy gained a small measure of notoriety throughout central Florida.

Yet, she soon realized the road to authorship would not come by way of performing as the opening musical act at concerts or nightclubs and finally dropped out to pursue her real passion. Unfortunately, she still needed a financial cushion to visualize that dream.

Finally landing a full-time journalist position, Judy followed her life long desire to pen mystery novels and began her first serious work on COLORBLIND.

After many rejections but doggedly not daunted, COLORBLIND was published by ISHAIBOOKS in 1998. Judy's second novel, STILL RAGE was released two years later. BLOOD OFFERING followed on the heels in less than a year. Another block-buster hit for the fast-rising Queen of mystery.

Now a full-time novelist, she teaches “Writing the Popular Novel” at the University of South Florida and is co-founder of Nathari Writer' s Guild.

In 2003, Judy signed a three-book deal with Warner Books, Walk Worthy line, and her latest release “ALL THINGS HIDDEN” will hit book stores around the country September 1st 2004.

Warner Books will hold a launch party Oct. 9, at Books for Thought in Tampa, Florida, from 2-5, prior to a four city tour. “A DANGEROUS CLIMATE” will be the second release in this series about a police detective who happens to be a single mother dealing with stress on every level.

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Blood Offering
Our price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9 Pages: 286
ISBN: 0-595-25365-2

A high suspense thriller set in small Florida town revolving around religious cults. Only a miracle will save Trenier Stevens and her private-detective love interest.

Book Description
Beware of false prophets! And if you're a lost soul, never seek refuge in this particular sanctuary. For Treneir Stevens, fleeing her own personal nightmare, the hardest thing to find within these celestial walls is 'the truth.' Murder is but a fleeting thought to the corrupt leaders, who prey upon the innocent. Propelled by their insatiable greed and lust, they present themselves as 'redeemers', while their 'soul' purpose is to take all they can using the 'Word of God' to cover their heinous acts. When private investigator Jarret Richards steps on the scene, his plan to expose the cult is nearly foiled by his love for Trenier. Only Sister Nanna has the foresight to call on a 'higher power.' For nothing will save the threesome, other than a heavenly 'miracle'. As the minutes tick away, Jarret has to pull out all the stops if he hopes to keep Trenier from being the next "Blood Offering."

Still Rage
Our price: $18.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9 - Pages: 316
ISBN: 0-595-17066-8

A fast-paced thriller with intriguing plot twists and multiple murders that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Book Description
A rags to riches saga through the pathway of blood and death.


Terror Stalks This Quiet Suburban Neighborhood.

Finding the home of their dreams the Chapman family little that they're the only Black family on Tyler Street, until horror grips the once tranquil neighborhood, breaking through all the color barriers.

As the grisly murder of neighbor after neighbor lurks like a plague, fingers begin pointing at the Black family forcing Karen Chapman to fight her own inner fears to prove her own husband's innocence.

Disturbing secrets are unveiled as an eerie atmosphere unravels the facade masking the desperate lives of the Tyler Street residences.

As Karen's search moves her towards the chilling climax, she comes face to face with the moral of good and evil and understands in the case, the color of one's skin means nothing as long as the color of one's blood runs red.

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